AM8040 Precision Thermometer

  • AM8040Accuracy up to ±0.008°C
  • Resolution 0.001°C
  • Dual channels
  • Data storage into USB flash disk
  • Wireless data transfer to PC 




AM8040 Precision Thermometer provides the best values with high standard performance. It features high accuracy, fast readings and great stability. It operates with a wide range of Platinum Resistance Thermometers (PRTs). All of the readings can be stored in a USB flash disk or transferred to PC through an USB cable or a wireless module.
AM8040 Precision Thermometer allows users to choose ITS-90, IEC-751 (DIN), or Callendar-Van Dusen conversion methods to response to various PRTs. Users can also choose to key in calibration data of each PRT to ensure the best accuracy.
AM8040 is the solution for precision temperature measurement and calibration at a very attractive price.


  • High accuracy: up to ±0.008 °C at 0 °C
  • High resolution: 0.001 °C over the full range
  • Temperature range: -200 °C to 850 °C
  • ITS-90, CVD, IEC-751 conversion methods or key in coefficients of PRTs
  • 2.7 inch OLED display
  • Full-size Touchpad for function control
  • Data storage into USB flash disk
  • Data transfer to PC using an USB cable
  • Wireless data transfer to PC with an optional wireless module



Temperature Range -200°C to 850°C, depending on PRT used
Accuracy (meter only) ±0.01°C @ -200°C±0.008°C @ 0°C±0.009°C @ 232°C±0.01°C @ 420°C±0.015°C @ 660°C±0.025°C @ 850°C
Resolution 0.001°C (0.0001 Ω) over full range
Probe Nominal Rtpw: 25 Ω or 100 Ω RTD, PRT or SPRT
Characterizations ITS-90 coefficients, Callender Van Dusen coefficients, IEC-751 (DIN 385)
Sample Interval 1 second
Display 2.7 inch OLED
Display Units °C, °F, Ω
Excitation Current 1 mA, reversing
Operation Range 15 °C to 35 °C
Thermometer Input Connectors Spade plug or bare wire
Power Requirements 100-220V
Dimension 180 mm (W) X 65 mm (H) X 200 mm (D)
Weight 0.3 kg (0.7 lbs)

Optional Accessories

Model Description
8000-WLM Wireless module for AM-8040 and AM-8060 precision thermometer
1610-12/9/6 Precision Industrial PRT, -60°C to 160°C
1620-12/9/6 Precision industrial PRT, -60°C to 300°C
1640-12 Precision industrial PRT, -200°C to420°C
1660-12 Precision industrial PRT, -200°C to 670°C
1730-12 Secondary Reference PRT, -200°C to 420°C
1750-12/20 Secondary Reference PRT, -200°C to 670°C
1850 Metal-sheath SPRT, -200°C to 500°C
1860 Metal-sheath SPRT, -200°C to 670°C
1950 Quartz-sheath SPRT, -200°C to 500 °C
1960 Quartz-sheath SPRT, -200°C to 670 °C